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We can’t land. Do you think he’ll make it to first light?” asked the pilot. A long deafening pause came over the radio as the sound of the rain pelted the helicopter. “He’s not going to make it 30 minutes,” the voice on the ground radio replied hopelessly. The crew on board looked at each other intensely as the monsoon swirled around them, making it difficult for the copter to stay in the air. “Ok,” the pilot replied. “Hang in there. We’re turning around to get you.”

Bob Nevins and Horse

Bob Nevins
Founding Executive and Director of Program

Bob was one of the pilots on the helicopter that night in Vietnam in 1970, and he and his crew were forever changed. He deeply understands the lasting effects of trauma that can be triggered in the face of battle, and he’s spent a lifetime dedicated to helping the fight. Determined to find a new direction for fellow Veterans, First Responders and Frontline Healthcare Workers facing trauma, he was inspired to create Alliance180.


When Bob answers the call from someone wanting to learn more, he knows exactly what to listen for on the other end

He’ll give you a compassionate and stripped-down description of the experience that is waiting for you at Alliance180. He understands and acknowledges the risks. He’ll let you know there are no guarantees, only opportunities.


Bob’s open conversation and insight are just the beginning of this transformative equine experience. By revealing the power of the unspoken language within a horse-to-human interaction, the peer-to-peer, purpose-driven process enhances communication, reestablishes trust and reawakens the emotional response for fellow Veterans, First Responders and Frontline Healthcare Workers.

If you're a veteran, first responder OR FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKER looking to experience A180, call Bob directly at 518-744-3600 or email him at

Never be afraid to go in an opposite direction to find a solution.

Richard Saul Wurman

Founder of TED


Picture of the Staff of Alliance180 with some members

Left to Right: Janelle Huggard, Russ Terpening (First Responder Liaison) – Army/Police,  Brian Austin (Veteran Liaison) – Marines, Bob Nevins, Troy Huggard (Veteran Liaison) – Navy, Melody Squier 

Janelle Huggard

Assistant Director of Program


Janelle joined Bob and Melody nearly a decade ago as they began their journey in the creation of Equine-Veteran programming. She has coordinated and facilitated logistics for hundreds of Veteran participants and is happy to continue on with this new and expanded venture in anticipation of helping hundreds more Veterans, First Responders and Frontline Healthcare Workers.

Bob Nevins

Founding Executive and Director

of Program

Bob served in Vietnam in 1970-1971 as a Medical Evacuation Helicopter Pilot with the 101st Airborne Division (DUSTOFF) and was wounded in action in 1971. After learning of the devastating effects of suicide and trauma in the veteran population, Bob left his successful 24-year career as an airline captain to join forces with Melody Squier and create their original Veteran equine program. Bob and his original crew have now turned their full efforts to a new Program that will reach participants nationwide and has been expanded to include First Responders and Frontline Healthcare Workers.

Melody Squier

Program Creator and Facilitator of Equine Engagement 

Melody has extensive experience working with horses and humans, helping more than 900 Veterans, police and fire personnel throughout her years of training and past program creation. Melody has been an active member of the Tinmouth Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years, is trained as a Level II firefighter and spearheaded a Large Animal Technical Rescue Team within her local fire department. She is an equine specialist, linguist, farrier and equine dentist, as well

as a member of her county Disaster Animal Response Team. She is an Animal Cruelty Investigator and Instructor in the state of Vermont, where she was also appointed to the Livestock Care Standard Advisory Council in 2010 and served for nine years as an equine expert. In addition, Melody is a certified Reach Out to Horses trainer.

 Home of Alliance180
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