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We speak to you, not at you

Our effective three-day experience offers peer-to-peer interaction, private accommodations and classroom training to learn the language of the horse, and a round-pen interaction with the horse as the final culminating event. Through the lens of the horse, participants learn to communicate with another powerful but very different species, most often resulting in a heightened awareness, changed perspective and renewed outlook.

“Horses require you to be in the moment to fully communicate.

The release felt when the horse accepts your offer to bond—breathing, touching and following—it’s so empowering. There is no judgement, only acceptance.”


Melody Squier

Program Creator and Facilitator of Equine Engagement 

Fight, flight or freeze

We’ll help you understand the universal language of the horse—fight, flight or freeze—which is based on trust, and we'll combine it with science-based research.

Bob and his team have successfully utilized the power of an equine experience to help re-tune the regulation of the autonomic nervous system in veterans and first responders who have experienced trauma.
Stephen Porges, Ph.D.
Kinsey Institute, Indiana University/University of North Carolina

When we experience trauma, the autonomic nervous system responds in a way that can be described as a “short circuit” often causing us to shut down and become detached and closed off.



Our methodology at Alliance180 utilizes the unspoken communication between you and the horse to reestablish the bond of trust, creating a union within the round pen that can only be described as “the Alliance moment,” where horse and human intersect. This creates a physiological response that participants have often described afterward as doing a 180 or “resetting the circuit breaker.”

Backed by scientific research regarding the Polyvagal Theory, and through a collaborative effort between Alliance180 and Dr. Stephen Porges and his colleagues at Indiana University, WE will be able to successfully demonstrate, document and validate the effectiveness of our program.

Bob Nevins
Founding Executive and Director of Alliance180

If you're a veteran, first responder OR FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKER looking to experience A180, call Bob directly at 518-744-3600 or email him at

A180 is provided at no cost to our participants. The cost of all accommodations and TRAVEL are covered by our generous donors.

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